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Who is Manufacturing Practices, Inc?

Manufacturing Practices, Inc. is a business capabilities consulting firm. We help small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution organizations streamline business activities around their business management system (ERP). Those enhanced activities exploit the proper use of their ERP System. The bridge between employees, who use an ERP System properly, and an empowered C-Level team, amplifies the ability to make better business decisions and lays a foundation for a successful company. After all when complete and accurate data are available in your ERP System, proper decision making is easier, quicker, and superior. Our proprietary analytical tools paired with the streamlining of your business processes unleash the power of ERP Systems' envisioned purposes. Our unique business approach creates significant benefits in profitability, cost savings, and plant throughput.  Our customers have realized:

  • 60%+ throughput gains (read more)
  • $17M recovery of lost inventory (read more)
  • 13 month implementation of a company’s first ERP System (read more)
  • ERP implementation of three culturally diverse and functionally independent plants in 18 months (read more)

We wrote the book on it:

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