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Manufacturing Practices, Inc.

At Manufacturing Practices, we help clients find, implement, or re-implement Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) i.e., their Business Management System.  What is unique about Manufacturing Practices, Inc. is the guidance and dedication we provide to help manufacturing companies integrate their ERP System into their business activities.  Our proven processes remove the non-value added activities in office, plant, and warehouse processes and convert new activities into increased profitability.  Manufacturing Practices, Inc. creates a blueprint to plan, manage, and control a company’s activities far into the future.  Thirty plus years of manufacturing experience has proven to Manufacturing Practices that companies, which plan, manage, and control their processes emerge as marketplace leaders ready, willing, and able to face the uncertainties of the future as a profitable and streamlined organization.

Even the growing number of companies who embrace ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) technology find themselves overwhelmed by the thousands of “ERP solutions” available with the click of a Google search button. But how can any business management software help you effectively manage your business in an organized fashion when it doesn’t know your business or how you currently manage it?


The "fictional" account of what it takes to properly get your organization to embrace an  ERP "re-implementation" are answered in this book.  Click the book cover and to learn more about the powerful message delivered in the book. Manufacturing Practices, Inc.  wrote the book on how to do it!    



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