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How long a period is required for finding and implementing a system?

There is not a simple answer to this question except to say that IT DEPENDS ENTIRELY ON THE ORGANIZATION!  I have been involved in selection and implementations that took 9 months.  I have been involved in implementations that took 9 weeks.  I also worked with organizations that took several years to implement the basics of Master Scheduling, Engineering Change Control, Inventory Management, MRP, Work Order Scheduling, with Financial Integration.  It depends completely on how committed the organization is to making the implementation its TOP PRIORITY.

Every company is different because every organization’s management team manages a company differently.  Sometimes implementing an ERP System requires changing the fundamental approaches of a company’s TOP Management or even its personnel for sundry reasons.

Usually education is the First Step in the process.  The Second Step is to clean-up (LEAN or remove the non-value added activities) associated with the company’s daily activities.  The Third Step is to identify the key business requirements of the business.  The Fourth step is to find software that can demonstrate how to support the key activities with process steps that most closely match those of the Organization.  The Fifth Step is to train to use the software.  The Sixth Step is to adjust and test the processes.  The Seventh Step is to perform the Conference Room Pilot.  With the successful completion of the Conference Room Pilot, the system is ready for use.  How long does this take?  How close to executing Step 4 is your organization?  Is Step 2 complete?  Have you performed Step 1?


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