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Making company-wide changes will be a difficult task. How do we accomplish “Change Management”?

Making change for change sake is a nearly impossible task.  People are not inclined to change unless there is a compelling reason and without understanding the reason for change, people will not change.  Let's talk about the two big issues, education and people.

First, people will be part of the change.  Change will start with them.  Change will end with them.  We will educate them to understand that the new ERP System is the management tool for the future of the organization.  We will then educate them to understand how the ERP System functions as an integrated toolset.  Additionally, we will train users to understand how to perform their functions with the new system.  With this approach, there is no reason for them not to change their approach to using the new system.  It might be a good approach to post the following remark as an approach to help them understand what we are trying to accomplish:

Change is going to happen.  The question you need to answer is how are you going to participate; on your knees praying for it to pass or by standing on your feet, leading the charge?


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