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What are the biggest problems we will face?

People and processes are the biggest barrier to successfully implementing an ERP System. Users need to support the business by using a process that support the business. Those processes support an effecient use of the ERP system.  Creating policies that do not conflict with the necessary process is a key to making this happen.  You and the other top management must have a thorough understanding of how the ERP process activities function. 

ERP Systems only work when they are properly used.  Having users that understand how the ERP system works is ‘the best way’ to manage the company.  This fundamental tenant is the core “value” your teams can display. 

David S. Cohen wrote some elegant and simple words that summaries the importance of following procedures in his book Inside the Box: Leading With Corporate Values to Drive Sustained Business Success.  David said:

"The best organizations understand their values, articulate them clearly and hold them higher than any short-term concerns or short-cut methods.  This does not put such organizations at a competitive disadvantage.  It is the source of their competitive advantage..." 

I think that this is the way to address the biggest problem in the ERP System and that is why should we use it?


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