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I do not want the software to change my business. How can we still use an ERP System in my company?

What business processes are you discussing?  Are your processes as efficient as they could be?  Do current processes directly support the goals of your customers?  The reason I am asking is that any process that does not directly create the best solution for a customer is not an efficient process.  How do we measure whether something is the best solution for your customer?  If there is no marketplace gain in keeping the process, what should happen?  There are only three choices:

  • Change the software
  • Change your processes
  • Change both your processes and the software

Base the decision on a question that suggests gaining an advantage.  Does your current process create a marketplace advantage for you?  If it does not, why would you want to spend additional money to keep it?  If there are emotional issues involved, learn how to remove the emotional effects within the process.  Understand that the cost to modify the software is in almost all cases, more than the cost of changing your processes due in part to the continuing cost for changes with new software upgrades.  You will almost certainly want to keep current on software releases.  (I am not recommending staying on the “Bleeding edge”).  Some software companies do not support customers that are more than four or five releases behind the current release.  When I had materials responsibilities for an employer, I lobbied for staying one release behind the current software.  The other management team members usually supported the request. 

Do you want to hire an individual to support your system on a continual basis?  I believe you have better places to spend your money.  Stay with your core competencies.  Pay the vendor to support your software and minimize software changes. 

Let us make sure we understand that I am not talking about changing system reports.  It is highly likely that you will change reports, which will not affect your support, if you create new reports from current reports. 


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