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I have valuable data in the old system that I want to convert to the new software. How long will it take and how much will it cost to import the data into the new system?

Laws about keeping required data exist, so check to see what is necessary to cover your company from a legal standpoint first.  Outside of that, I am not a fan of keeping data that has little or no value.  With what information are you concerned?  Two or three years of General Ledger history will allow you to create “Last Year - Current Year” reports.  You must retain something to cover issues regarding the Forecast System.  You must retain sales data to support warranty information.  These are guesses but serve to set the expectation of what is needed.  Do you need information collected from customers that are more than five years old which have not ordered since then? Probably not!  Do you need the names of vendors from whom you have not ordered from in five years? Probably not!  Do you need parts, bills, and routings for parts that have been retired?  You do, only if you have warranty customers using those parts!  Keep the drawings in the Engineering Drawing database archives otherwise.  It is easy enough to re-create Parts, BOMs, and Routings data from this source.  To better understand what you should convert, ask the question, what do I absolutely need to support the business; then convert those data.


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