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I have heard a lot about the benefits of Six Sigma and Lean and that they do not work well in an ERP environment. We have started programs for both activities. How will they work together?

I do not see a conflict.  You can start a quality initiative around Six Sigma methodologies.  That initiative can continue through all processes in the company to find and correct the activities that create errors.  The organization will benefit from these activities.  The limiting factor in the process is the computer system!  The SIX SIGMA team must include the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the ERP system.  As long as the ERP SMEs and the SIX SIGMA Leaders coordinate activities, there is no conflict. 

The same understanding must exist between the LEAN Team and the ERP SMEs.  Remember where the constraint lies.  The true constraint for your organization will be the ERP System.  When it is used to it highest potential, it will minimally restrict a company and provide an organized opportunity to manage the enterprize in the most effective manner.  

Where there are significant conflicts between the ERP System and either Six Sigma or LEAN methodologies, the organization must gauge whether the ERP activities are critical to the business or even necessary, given the evidence of enhanced functionality from the "NEW Methodology".


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