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Do I need all the pieces of the ERP System to be effective?

It all depends on what is required to manage the business.  There are two options when implementing the new ERP System.  An organization can go live only after all pieces of the software are efficiently a part of the operating activities or by first implementing only the core of the business processes and later implementing other pieces of the system.  An easy way to answer this question is to ‘Go Live’ with the core business activities that the company already performs.  Later, implement other pieces as enhancements to the core business.  Real benefits appear earlier when employing this method as opposed to a delayed “Go Live”.

In the old days (the days of MRPII), there were great debates about a “Big Bang” go-live and a “Phased” go-live.  There are drawbacks and benefits on both sides of the argument.  To simplify the issues, I like to ask this question:

If the results of your integration testing match the “EXPECTED” results, and those results allow management decisions equal to those of the former processes, what else is there to test?


No Very

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