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What are the necessary steps for Implementation?

In summary:

  • Provide education throughout the organization
  • Provide the company vision top down
  • Provide Leadership at all times
  • Train users to properly use the system
  • Create and document formal processes in all departments
  • Test the processes with the ERP System at a department level
  • Test the integration of the system with a set of known data
  • Use system reports to test whether the actual output matches the expected output
  • Go Live
  • After users have used the system for a period of time, bring in software vendor’s experts to access system use and to offer assistance in improving activities

It is important to understand how to leverage the new ERP System for enhanced organization activities.  To do this, use the focus of LEAN methodology (reduce non-value added activities) to move the organization forward.  The ERP System implementation is the beginning of the journey.  Most probably there are other areas of the business that can profit from formal business activities as well.  Follow the same principles when defining new pieces of the system to use.  Those steps are:

  • Assess which unused modules will enhance the capabilities of the organization with the assistance of a consultant and the software vendor
  • Create and test new procedures
  • Perform integration testing with the additional modules
  • Go live when test output matches expected output


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