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For an ERP Implementation, what comes first?

There are three answers: Education, education, education.  It is very difficult to assess the direct benefits of formal education, and that applies to ERP education as well.  Many calculations exist, but I suggest there is a minimal three to one payback.  There are non-measurable benefits as well.  Providing ERP education to the entire organization sends the following messages:

  • The ERP System is how the company will function in the future
  • People being educated in the ERP System have a future in the organization
  • The organization has a future in the marketplace

At this point, I want to differentiate between ERP Education and ERP Training.  Software vendors do not provide ERP education, software vendors provide ERP Training.  ERP training teaches people to push buttons in the software package.  ERP education lays the foundation to know how to manage the business with an ERP package.  Properly using the ERP System is not knowing how and when to push buttons in the software, it is all about understanding how to use the software to help manage the business.  The difference is that for ERP training to be effective, ERP education comes first.


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