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Michael Roman - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Manufacturing Practices, Inc. management team changed much in the past several months.  These new responsibilities have taken time away from many commitments.  As such, attempts to write blogs, work with veteran projects, and spend time with my family and friends are almost futile.  Even my dog snarled at me on Friday when I arrived home hours after her feeding time!  I also have not been a good leader in making the introductions of our new team.  Sorry!

Dan Valentine is our most recent addition.  Dan is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel where he spent time as an infantryman and an aviator.  For the past 20 years, Dan held roles in sales and sales management.  He first began to work with us and to teach us how to align potential customers’ concerns with the value we offer at Manufacturing Practices.  After some frustration with my interactions with potential clients, Dan decided that his commitment needed to become a long-term effort.  It seems I was having a hard time not using my sharp stick to point out areas that needed improvement to my prospects but I am doing much better now. Dan’s role and title is VP of Sales. 

Jerry Tiarsmith joined Manufacturing Practices as VP of Operations. As a member of the armed services, he served in the surface warfare and special operations units of the Navy. He also spent four years as an Army infantry officer. Jerry uses this experience to help clients create a viable team vision. Following his military service, Jerry worked for the financial management company Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. This experience taught Jerry to understand clients’ needs. Jerry’s experience as a college instructor enables him to follow the mantra of Manufacturing Practices to help clients align tactical approaches to achieve a strategic vision. As a volunteer, he helps veterans, the community, and his church. This highlights the Core Values of Manufacturing Practices to practice responsible corporate citizenship.

Welcome to Manufacturing Practices, men.

We walk the same walk internally that we use with clients. With the end in mind, we meet one day a week to achieve a common understanding of what ERP is and is not. We also use that day to create a common language and a focus on our policies.  We are creating a set of standard processes for executing our policies with potential and signed customers.  The benefit of this is that these efforts enable us to achieve an alignment of responsibilities, commitments and expectations for Manufacturing Practices. After achieving consensus of what our goals are, the effort to perform the education, develop our marketing and sales material and strengthen our procedures is simple.  We all understand that this journey will never end.  We continue to make improvements along the way, just as our customers do when we focus our tactical approach to achieve their strategic goals.

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